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It has always been my take on life that we must find joy and satisfaction in what we do and who we are. I have been working as a mental health professional since 2006 and I find joy in the work that I do each and every day. I prioritize creating a healthy balance between the work that I love, my self-care, and time with my family. I value the opportunity I have to help people find their way and find balance in their lives, whether this is through closure with the past or building new skills to cope with current life challenges.


I knew when I was a teenager that this is the work that I wanted to do. I have always felt drawn towards helping people. I received my undergraduate degree from Flagler College in Florida and earned my Graduate degree from Assumption College here in MA. Right out of school, I worked for South Bay Mental Health doing in-home therapy. Once I became licensed I moved into an office setting and I worked at Arbour Counseling for about 8 years. After which I started graduating into private practice. A few colleagues and I came together to create Grove Counseling Services in Worcester, MA. Until COVID-19 presented, we were thriving. I now work out of Millbury, MA and continue to do what I love.


I strive to make my office welcoming and relaxing in order to have an environment that feels safe and encourages clients to speak freely. Many times, there is even a dog to sit by your side and a blanket to cover up with on the couch in my office.

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Cheryl Whitney_012822-0578.jpg

This is Bailey and I refer to her as my therapy dog.  She comes to the office with me most days, so long as it isn't too cold or too wet.  Bailey has had no formal training, but she seems to know what people need and cuddles up when people need some extra care, but gives space when she senses a need for that too.  


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