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How will this help?

There are times that people find themselves needing extra guidance or direction in different areas of their life to create a greater sense of fulfillment or achievement. This isn’t necessarily a person who is struggling with where they are per se, but rather a person looking to reach higher goals for themselves. Often, a personal coach provides the support needed to achieve these goals.

Although coaching sounds very much like mental health counseling, it is actually quite different and something that a clinician would not be able to submit claims to an insurance company for. The primary difference between therapy and coaching is that therapy focuses on mental health and emotional healing while coaching focuses on setting and achieving personal life goals.

In my coaching sessions, I work with individuals to identify their goals and begin taking steps to achieve these goals which can vary from increasing financial stability to changing their career. Through various assessments and questionnaires, I can help a person identify the root cause of certain problems (ex. Overspending) and implement ways to create new healthy habits or change.

Good reasons to consider coaching:

  • You feel like you need a change in your job or career

  • You want to grow in your career, but you are not sure how to do so

  • You feel bored in your life or just running on autopilot and want to challenge yourself

  • You feel confused about the next chapter in your life and need guidance with a decision

  • You feel like you need to change unhealthy habits (ex. exercising, saving or spending money, friends and activities you engage with)

  • You want to learn and practice better “people skills” and meet more people


Initial meeting (1hour): $150

Follow up meeting (up to 1 hour): $120

Follow up meeting (60-90 mins): $150

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